I heard about your service from a fellow blogger. We started at the same time but his blog took off impressively. His traffic shot through the roof while mine was dead. Because we were good friends and not rivals, he shared with me his secret ~ RankStore.com.

Your service is awesome. My alexa ranking has improved significantly and seems to be getting even better in the last few weeks! After months of struggling to get traffic, I’m finally seeing some very encouraging signs of a consistent increase in traffic numbers.

I just wanted to take a quick moment and to send you this THANK YOU note. I’m very happy. You have shown a high level of quality work and depth in knowledge about what to do to improve the Alexa rank of my websites. Above all, you have achieved the results and that is undeniable!

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Thank you for another great result. My 7th order. This time it was a brand new website that had no statistics. Seven days later, I am on 1,452,918. While it is not an exceptional rank, it is very impressive for a new website in a week. I am a ‘RankStore.com’ alexa boost addict! – Billie J. Batchelor – USA

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