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How does Performance Based SEO’s pricing work?

Performance Based SEO

The Top 30 positions get Upfront Pricing and they are split into five Ranking Tiers. As you can see above, our Keyword Opportunity Tool shows the Tiered Pricing for every keyword:

Tier 1 > Positions 21-30 (Lowest)
Tier 2 > Positions 11-20
Tier 3 > Positions 7-10
Tier 4 > Positions 4-6
Tier 5 > Positions 1-3 (Highest)

Attached to each Tier is a service fee, which you are charged once your website ranks within the Tier’s range. To calculate Upfront Pricing, we compare SEO related factors for your site and also the competition you have for each keyword.

Our system ensures that all active keywords are analyzed for rankings. It is only when there has been an increase in your rankings (to the Top 30) that your SEO campaign will be charged. At this point, your ranking must have become more prominent and your keyword position in Google and Yahoo! /Bing must have improved.

As seen in the table above, a ranking of #4 on Google attracts $250 and a ranking of #11 on Yahoo! /Bing attracts $100. If this were to be your website, you will have to pay $350 as your total monthly service fee for your keyword.

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What if my site is already ranked in the top 30 positions?


It is ONLY when your site ranks within the Top 30 Positions and it has also experienced an increase in its position that you charged to pay a service fee. Looking at the table above, the site ranks #8 on Yahoo/Bing. There is a price shown for 10-7 because the keyword ranking is can still increase within that range. Nevertheless, customers will only be charged if the site ranking is #7 or higher, which is within the Top 30 positions as well as an improvement in the present ranking at #8.

How long does it usually take to get higher rankings?

SEO is best seen as a marathon, not a cycle race. Your site and the type of competitive landscape are key factors that determine the time frame for rankings to improve. On the average, we believe that within 44 days, you should start to see some level of increment in your rankings. Overall, there are programs that take months while some only take some weeks. Hence, we pre-inform our customers of the need to be patient for the consistent approach of the SEO process.

My rankings go up before I even pay a dime?

That is the truth and benefit. You must rank before you pay. We only get paid for results, and we work hard to deliver the results so we can get paid.

When am I charged for rankings?

We distribute monthly Invoices and collect on the 1st day of every month. Our system is programmed to check your site for its average rankings for all active keywords in the search engine results. You are then charged based on the result of this check. A detailed Monthly Summary will be sent to you via e-mail on the 1st of the month. There is another ranking report (Mid-Month ranking report) that goes out on the 15th of every month, and the customer dashboard section provides a weekly updated summary of all rankings.

Please note, if for any reason a keyword’s service is removed, but not on the first day of the month, the keyword will attract a pro-rated service charge according to the number of days the keyword was active in the same month.

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Will monthly charges ever increase?

Monthly charges remain fixed once the keyword is accepted for your program. The competitive landscape for the keywords at the time of submission is used to calculate the charges. However, the charges may change if the customer chooses to change the landing page for which the keyword was optimized. If this happens, we will consider the change as a new submission and the client will have to approve any pricing change to continue the optimization process.

Keyword pricing is fixed from the point of activation, and will remain fixed. At the end of the six-month period, customers can choose from the following (3) program considerations:

  1. The customer has the option of deactivating keywords at any time without being charged the $200 deactivation fee;
  2. The customer can change the program to “SEO Services Maintenance Program” if keyword ranks among the Top 10 positions on Google. If the customer decides to go for this transition, there would be a 50% reduction in keyword pricing on the monthly program price.
  3. Once customer cancels (which they can do at any time), the applicable monthly pro-rated charges are applied, and as far as the six-month program is complete, there is no deactivation fee charged.

How long is each SEO campaign?

Our Performance-based SEO Services programs cover a period of six months beginning from the activation date. Customers are only charged when there is an increase in their rankings and when they get into the Top 30 positions. You will only be charged to pay Service fees when there is evidence to show that your Active Keyword ranks within the Top 30 positions and has improved noticeably from the original ranking.

Can I choose where I want to rank?

It’s quite the sad answer is No! Our job is to optimize all keyword programs to ensure that all your keywords get the highest rankings across Google and Yahoo! /Bing.

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Can I only pay for 1st page rankings?

We do not offer such service as 1st-page rankings only. We apply a Tiered Pricing Model to our exclusive programs. This is because, unlike other SEO services, we do not charge upfront fees, and we do not enter into long-term contracts as well.

We operate the Performance-based SEO Services model to commit ourselves to helping you achieve and maintain long-standing, prominent rankings. This is why we are ultimately interested in your success. Whenever it appears we are unable to help you achieve that ranking success, we will come up with an alternative but relevant keywords for you to consider.

Can I just pay for Google?

There is not offering that allows you to choose just one search engine for your optimization. All of our programs are for Google and Yahoo!/Bing. Also, our price model algorithm considers volume, hence, Yahoo!/Bing usually has a lesser price. Note, however, that our customers have been enjoying Yahoo! /Bing based on the conversion they get, where Yahoo! /Bing is able to deliver between 25 and 30% of the total search traffic.

How does your pricing compare to other SEO companies?

We have heard this from our customers that our pricing is certainly not the highest, and also not the lowest.

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Why do you need my credit card information?

Our system completes Customer Billing on the first day of the month. These charges are applied based on the reports of keyword rankings across the search engines on that day. It is your approved credit card that our system uses as your payment method, and because you are only billed when your rankings have truly improved, your credit card will only be debited when there is a verifiable increase in your rankings. Also, improved rankings that will be charged must be among the Top 30 search results on the search engine(s).

Is it possible to sign up without a credit card fro a Performance Based SEO Service?

For your account(s) to be active in our system, you are required to add and maintain a valid credit card.

Can you help me with social media too?

Certainly yes! You can take advantage of our social media management services to enhance your company appearance and performance on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter.

Do you offer SEO for non-US domains?

Sorry, we don’t. Our SEO services are currently exclusive for English language domains that are based in the US. Also, we don’t offer optimization services for regional variants of, such as, etc.

How do you achieve rankings?

Through the use of proven SEO practices, we achieve rankings while abiding by industry standards, such as relevant blog postings, trusted social bookmarking, credible link building, and select directory submissions to create a consistent, customized SEO program for individual customers.

Our SEO Team partners with hundreds of publishers, directory sites, and blogs. Nearly all SEO activities of our SEO Team lead to a permanent exposure, even when the program status is inactive. We are in partnerships to have access to the most relevant context for the benefit of our SEO clients.

Why haven’t I heard of any other companies doing this?

Using our proprietary SEO Opportunity Tool, we are able to determine the keywords for which you have a better chance of ranking based on the competitive landscape the particular keyword, or phrase. The SEO opportunity tool’s algorithm analyses more than (80) variables valued by the Search Engines. Because of this approach, we’re ready to assume the risk attached to each program.

How do I know if I am choosing the best keywords?

Our free SEO Opportunity Tool assists customers in determining the competitive landscape for their keyword. This is intended to help customers identify and therefore choose only the keywords for which their site has a good chance of ranking, thus yielding maximum benefit on every keyword.

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Do you accept any website and/or small business?

We accept all websites, with the exception of businesses that have to do with pharmaceuticals, gambling, adult material, or other offensive content.

Is it possible to sign up without a website for a Performance Based SEO Service?

No, you cannot sign-up unless you have a website. To check the viability of the keywords you have chosen and to calculate pricing, our system works with site-specific factors. A website is, therefore, an integral part of the process, without which you cannot complete the sign-up process.

Can I try your service for free?

In order to continue providing outstanding user experience, we do not offer free service trials. However, our performance-based SEO service appears to already have built-in trial functionality since you only get to pay when the activity generated results. This is as good as a risk-free opportunity. We will not bill you until you have results.

What kind of reporting will I receive?

We are aware of the fact that website owners love to have a comprehensive report as that gives them good information about proper optimization. There are programs activity updates within the customer dashboard, and these updates come at least (5) times in a month, coupled with a Mid-Month Review which hits your dashboard on the 15th of each month.

How often are Ranking Reports provided?

The frequency of ranking reports update is at least (6) times every month, and this is available to all Active customers within the Customer Dashboard. Active customers are those the login/password to the program they have chosen. The Customer Dashboard is available to all Active customers anytime.

Details such as Customer Account Information, All Pending Keywords, All Active Keywords, All Deactivated Keywords, a Keyword Watchlist to monitor non-active keywords, and an SEO Services Activity Description Report for Active Keywords are available on the Customer Dashboard.

Will you help with on-page optimization?

Sure!  We do this at no cost, and we ensure that we do our best to set up your pages optimized for review by the engines.

Do you guarantee Google rankings?

We will not give such guarantees. For your information, there is a big chance that rankings achieved very quickly will not last. This is why we are dedicated to developing consistent programs that are in accordance to search engine guidelines and provide results that are timely and sustainable.

I want traffic and conversions. Can you help?

We are pretty much aware of the importance of high-quality traffic that translates to conversions. (Our service also covers small businesses :).

We specialize in helping you to increase your site’s rankings for the relevant, desired keywords. More often than you could possibly know, your marketing portfolio depends on how prominent the rankings of your keywords are. We know that it is possible to have the traffic but no conversion. In such cases, we will also provide professional help, exploring other keyword options to give you better results.

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Performance Based SEO.

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