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This package is so powerful, you will be amazed what went into creating this and what it will do for you!

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Homepage Backlinks. After a great deal of thought and sharing ideas, we realized that no one had put together a really good SEO package for website owners that actually worked!  So we got to work and have created one of the very best performing SEOs on the market.  After kicking the tires, we are now so totally confident that this will work for everyone, we are now offering the Best SEO Results at the Very Best Price for you.

Please read all of this information before ordering.

This package is so powerful, you will be amazed what went into creating this and what it will do for you!  This is what we are offering you:

  • Two Months Authentic SEO Strategy
  • Dramatic Boost in your Search Engine Rankings
  • The Very Best SEO Value
  • You Are Guaranteed Results or Your Money Back!

We Are Here for You:

We will deliver the best results every time because we know what really works in SEO and what doesn’t.  After a lot of analysis, we discovered what is performing above everything else right now and it’s called Homepage Backlinks from Private Niche-Related Aged Blogs.  Did you know that blogs that have been around for several years and have been seen by Google are actually more dependable than newer blog sites?

Right now, we have more than a dozen high quality, optimized private aged blogs on an excellent range of niches.

Niches Blogs Offered:

Home & Family

We have laid out the metrics for these sites below.  If you don’t understand metrics, simply put, the links from these sites are extremely powerful!

Blog Metrics:

Ages: 2 to 16 years old
TF CF: 10+
DA: 15+
OBL: Max 15
Zero Footprints!

We guarantee all our blogs are of the highest optimization with excellent quality and natural incoming links.  These sites are exactly the kind that Google loves to reward and we will link them directly to your site!  Once linked to your site, you are going to be amazed at the huge boost in your rankings!

This Is How It Works:

You will give us your URL plus 12 long tail keywords.  We will write 12 unique articles for you.  Over a period of two months we are going to strategically publish these articles to our blogs that are relevant to your niche.

Your article will remain on the homepage for 60+ days and then will just naturally roll off onto the internal pages of the site.

Your article will also appear in various categories on each blog and of course on its own page.  We promise, your article will never be removed unless you cancel your order.

Every article will be on the homepage with the correct keyword linking it back to your site.  We will randomly link to an authority site.  Everything will be perfect for Google and other great search engines.

This Is What You Are Going to Get:

✓ 12 unique, handwritten articles

✓ 12 submissions, to 12 unique related blogs

✓ Dripfeed (two months)

✓ Tracking keywords for three months

✓ Enable a YouTube video 

There are absolutely No Hidden Charges

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I submit my own articles?

Unfortunately no.  We know “how” to write articles that bring excellent results.  Our experience has shown that articles written by our clients have not delivered the same high level of success.

Will you show me the backlinks?

No.  We would be more than happy to show you all the links, but our network cannot go public.  Were we to do this, we would be attacked with negative SEO (black hat SEO attacks) by our competitors.  You will receive the rank tracker so you can view your results and that’s what really matters!

When will I see results?

You will see great results in the first, second and third months.

Can I get a refund?

Certainly!  If you do not receive positive results after the three months, you will get a refund.  You may also request a refund before the three-month period ends.  But, if you choose to request an early refund, we will remove all the backlinks which would create a negative to Google!  You should think long and hard about choosing an early refund because in the long run it could hurt your rankings.

What happens if my site is already penalized or has unnatural SEO?

We cannot guarantee you will get results because the penalty may block whatever we have done.  Much of this depends on what penalty has been placed on your site.  It’s always possible that our links might be able to get your penalty removed.  Again, that’s something we cannot guarantee.  We highly recommend that you do not conduct any other SEO while we are working.  This could lead to poor SEO which would limit what we are trying to accomplish for you.

Do you accept other languages?

Unfortunately, the only language we offer is English.  We may consider another language or category, so contact us explaining your needs.  If we receive enough requests, we might be able to add it to our list.

Do you accept porn, gambling or pharmacy sites?

No.  The only acceptable sites are those that fit into these categories:

Home & Family

Our range of blog categories covers just about every type of blog on the internet. At this time, these are the only categories we offer.  In time, others might be added, but we are positive your blog will fit very nicely in one of these.

In Conclusion:

As a website owner, you know how important correct SEO is.  Unfortunately, most people do not truly understand the mechanisms of correct SEO.  This is what we do and we do it really, really well.  We know you want your blog or website to have a great ranking and we are here to make that happen for you.  Our backlink package is the most powerful we’ve experienced to date.  We guarantee you great results or you get your money back!  You have nothing to lose but probably a great deal to gain.

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