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High PR Backlinks
30 High PR Backlinks

Our service provides 30 powerful links that are permanent. These are from the high PR 7~10 websites on the net. We create web 2.0 profile backlinks on sites that have tons of authority in the eyes of Google.

High PR Backlinks
60 High Quality Backlinks

Our service provides 60 powerful links that are permanent. These are from the high PR 7~10 websites on the net. We create web 2.0 profile backlinks on sites that have tons of authority in the eyes of Google.

Authority Backlinks to Improve SEO
Massive Trust and Authority Backlinks

Do you know that you can get permanent web 2.0 profile links, all manually created, from top DA 60-100 authority sites on the planet? Yes, you can! Now you have more than enough reasons to give this package a try.

Edu Backlinks
15 US Based .Edu Backlinks

If you are looking for a great way to improve your website’s SEO, we have the best way to make that happen. We will Manually create 15 US based .edu backlinks that will direct back to your URL.

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30 and 60 High PR Backlinks – FAQ

 Some links are not working

We are sorry for that, but please make sure the link is not there, by checking it manually, some tools may not find the links, also some links are harder to find, maybe check the source code for your url, it should be there.

In some weird cases link may be not there, that’s why we have added bonus links for you, if still, even with bonus links you don’t have promised 30 backlinks, please contact us.

When I will see results?

It takes 2-3 months to fully kick in, but you should see some results within 30 days, if your niche is not super competitive, your site not penalized or over-optimized on page or off-page, you should see positive movement in Google. Please keep in mind there are almost 300 factors in SEO, it’s not an exact science.

Links are not indexed

First keep in mind it takes min 30 days to index the backlinks, we index them slowly for security.

Most people check indexing in a wrong way, indexing is not related to,, and other external tools, even Webmaster Tools. These are external tools that are not related to indexing and rankings. To check the indexing correctly, just copy and paste the url into Google, if the link it’s found, it’s indexed in Google index, if there is nothing found, it’s not indexed, it’s that simple. To do it faster you can use tools like Scrapebox.

We usually get 60% index rate, but it depends on many factors, please keep in mind we added this for free.

I don’t see all dofollow/anchored links

We didn’t promise all dofollow or/and anchored links, it’s not natural getting 100% of the backlinks in a same way, you should get a natural mix of do and nofollow backlinks, and most of your links should be branded, and naked url links. This is what works now, linking like crazy with your money keyword does not work anymore.

I can’t log in to the email account

Because of the security, you can’t log in from a different location than the one we created with. But still we can read emails, just use some email reader like Mozilla Thunderbird, here you have more options:

I can’t log in to some profiles

Make sure you copy all data without spaces.

On some sites, you will need to have your login, we have provided an email and password, so you should log in to Yahoo email account with email and password we gave you, in a way we explained before, to see what login do you have on each site, we had to use different usernames to avoid footprints.

I don’t see promised PR

PR is on the main domain, and you are probably checking the page or subdomain, ex: – n/a page – PR8 subdomain – PR9 main domain

Profile backlinks are never on the main domain, we create new profiles for you, and new pages (profiles, etc.) will always have PR n/a, at least until the next PR update.

Having a real PR9 page link, it’s like having a link from the main page of Google (PR9) almost impossible.

And even if the link comes from the page, for Google it’s also important from what domain is coming from, just check your Google Analytics, you will see the list of main domains even if the links are coming from inner pages.

There is something else wrong with my links

No problem, please contact us at, and we will fix it! Please include order number.

What if I see some negative results?

First, please give them min 60 days, to see how it really worked, before that you can see some “dance” on Google, don’t worry about it, it’s normal, Google it’s looking for a new place for you.

What should I do now?

Nothing 🙂 Just gives them some time, if you want move to another level, please check this:

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Any questions?

Contact Us

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