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Blogging Clients and SEO Companies: Why Alexa Ranking is Vital

SEO Companies. Your blogging clients rely on web traffic. This is especially true if they generate revenue from advertising. Bloggers need to have a steady stream of new visitors, thus turn to your SEO services to optimize their websites. When advertisers see that a blog site is gaining attention, they are more likely to do business with the blog owner. Many bloggers make a living this way. Therefore, having a good rating on Alexa will signal ads will get views and clicks. If you have not looked into improving the Alexa ranking for your client’s site, they could be missing ad revenue.

Alexa and Google

Alexa’s scores are so vital to your blogger clients because Google takes this into consideration when calculating their scores. When your client needs to rate higher in search engine results, they turn to you. Then you develop a skillful SEO campaign to boost their rating. So, without including Alexa, the campaign will not be as successful as it could be.

Alexa and Advertisers

In addition to Google, many advertisers use the Alexa rank to judge if a website is popular enough to do business with. Increasing their Alexa scores will help to ensure the advertisers they want to land will partner with your client. This is a win-win for everyone. The client is happy, and in turn will be more apt to doing repeat business with your company.

Now that you can see the importance of increasing the Alexa rank of your client’s website, acting as soon as possible is necessary. Partner with an experienced Alexa rating company. This way you know the website is in knowledge hands.

Top SEO companies understand the need to balance creative vision with tactical strategies to get results.

Find out what makes a great SEO company so you can make your decision and get on with the business of rising up in the ranks.

SEO companies.

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