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Alexa Traffic Important for Potential Advertisers

If you have a website and want to begin contacting potential advertisers to bring in ad revenues, you will certainly find your Alexa traffic ranking highly important. Having a good Alexa rank means your site is popular and has the traffic advertisers are looking for. For example, if a blog or website is ranked at number 15, but your blog or website is ranked at number 9 on Alexa, they will be more likely to give you the opportunity to work with them.

Advertisers and Your Website

Most website owners created his or her site in order to make a profit from it, even bloggers. One way of achieving this is by getting advertisers to agree to post paid ads on your site. However, they need to see that their money is not being spent in vain by there not being enough website traffic to the site.

Alexa Traffic Ranking Turns the Heads of Potential Advertisers

Your Alexa evaluation will turn the heads of potential advertisers if it’s bad and of course if it is good. However, with a bad rating, they will most likely turn you down, even if your Google rating is good. Are you asking yourself why? Well, a good score on Alexa means you have the number of visitors that will generate sales for their products or services from their ads. At least this is how they see it.

Now that you have reached the point where you feel your site can begin to bring in advertisement revenues, you need to get or improve your Alexa ranking as soon as possible. In fact, you will want to do this before you begin to contact any advertisers. Web traffic is almost a currency in itself, where paid ads are concerned. Therefore, a service experienced in Alexa traffic scores will be an important investment and well worth it in the end.

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