Boost Alexa Traffic Ranking

What is Alexa Traffic Ranking and Why is it Important for Your Website?

Alexa is owned by the internet giant Amazon. This site was designed to accurately audit and rank a website to access its value. This is achieved by looking at several factors such as geographical location, the number of page views, and the site’s reach. After a set period of time, which is usually three months, the website is given a ranking. If a site gets a lower Alexa Rating number, this is better. For example, a site with a one rating means it is the most popular.

Why is this important for your website?

There are many reasons why your website ranking is so vital. It is known that Alexa and Google are close “pals” when it comes to ranking a website. Therefore, keeping your Alexa score in good standing, you increase the chances of obtaining and keeping a good Google ranking as well. This means your site will appear further up in the search results.

Why keep your website ranking up?

In addition, with a good Alexa traffic ranking, you are more likely to maintain your site’s current listing or even increase it after Google updates, which usually cause other websites to drop into search results obscurity. Without traffic to your site, you could be losing valuable customers, ad revenue, or viewers may just be missing out on your informative website you worked hard to create.

If you are not getting traffic to your site or if you are not listed in the first few pages after a keyword search that pertains to your site, you need to take a serious look at your Alexa score. The next step needs to be to improve it right away. This can be achieved on your own, but it is always the best practice to hire a professional Alexa rating service to get the job done right and produce the best results for your website.

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