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Alexa Ranking and Media Agency Attention

It is no secret that with the evolution of 24 hour news, prime-time TV, and instant updates to big stories online, media agencies are all bidding for much of the same audience. Have you checked your website’s Alexa ranking lately, or at all? If not, you should, and here’s why. You could be missing out on a valuable tool to gain the attention from a multitude of viewers. This is because ranks websites by how many new visitors come to a site over a three-month time span, which is known as your website’s Alexa Traffic. Therefore, if you have only been focusing on your Google and other search engine rankings, you are leaving out one very important one.

More and more online viewers are turning to Alexa rankings, so they know which websites are getting the most traffic. People naturally flock to where they see other people visiting. These rings true for website traffic as well. Therefore, if your website does not have an Alexa traffic ranking or it has dropped, you are or will begin to see a decline in new visitors to your site. In the highly competitive world of media, awareness means everything. Sponsors want to do business with agencies that have a high viewership.

So, if your website is not ranked very high or does not have an Alexa website ranking at all, not only are you missing out on valuable visitors, but on potential advertiser dollars as well. Your next step needs to be to boost your Alexa score as soon as possible. If your competitors are already doing this, that means they are already one step ahead of you.

Media Agency Attention.

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