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Alexa Page Rank

If you own a website or a blog, you need to be using Alexa. You may be getting a lot of traffic now, but Alexa will show you how popular your website is. Here’s why your Alexa page rank is important for your website or business.

Know Your Competition and How They Rank Online

As a business, you probably have a lot of competitors. If a competitor has a popular website, they may be stealing traffic away from you. To determine how your website stacks up to the competition, you can use Alexa to determine your rank against your competitors. This will help you with advertising campaigns and marketing so you can reach more buyers. If you don’t understand your competition and how they rank against you, you’re at a disadvantage.

Attract More Sales

Many people search for products online and are looking for popular places to shop. They may view the Alexa rank of a website and want to shop there because they feel that a better rank means the site is of a higher quality and worth their dollars. By improving your rank, especially if you can outrank your competitors, you could generate more sales and customer loyalty because you have a highly ranked website. Popular sites tend to have more loyalty, and they are socially shared on social sites like Twitter and Facebook more often.

As a business, you can’t afford to ignore the Alexa page rank. It can help you gain a better rank in the search engines and improve your website popularity which will attract more advertisers as well as customers and clients to your business.

Attract Advertisers

If you’re looking for advertisers, you need to improve Alexa Ranking. Click To TweetAdvertisers are looking for popular websites for their products, so if your site is ranked high, they are more likely to want to work with you.  By improving your Alexa rank, you’ll get more offers from advertisers for the advertising space on your website or blog.

Batter Indexing and Ranking

By using Alexa you’ll improve your indexing and overall ranking on Google. If Google sees that you’re using Alexa, it’s more likely to rank you quickly and you’ll more often than not, get a better ranking as a result. If you have a better rank, you’re going to get more traffic to your website and more sales as a result of using Alexa. If you have a poor rank now, you’ll improve it greatly just by using the Alexa toolbar.  The toolbar gives you a great snapshot of how your website is doing online and how you stack up to other sites in your industry or niche.

Better Links

Other businesses are looking for sites to link to, and they often turn to Alexa because it shows popular sites. By using Alexa you’re going to get more quality links from other businesses that are looking to link with like-minded websites. If you’re looking to exchange links with other sites, then Alexa page rank will help you get links from higher quality websites. 

Alexa Page Rank Improvement

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