60 High Quality Backlinks


Our service provides 60 powerful links that are permanent. These are from the high PR 7~10 websites on the net. We create web 2.0 profile backlinks on sites that have tons of authority in the eyes of Google. 60 Unique High Quality Backlinks from the Top Authority sites up to PR10 sites, including GOV and EDU sites.

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60 High Quality Backlinks

Everything is constantly changing with rules and regulations on the internet. Google is clamping down on bad practices and sometimes people step in something they didn’t even see coming! We are here to help you receive the ranking your business or blog needs to get great recognition. We know what is and what is not acceptable.

If you want to skyrocket your rankings, you are going to need our 60 Unique High Quality Backlinks from the Top Authority sites up to PR10 sites, including GOV and EDU sites. Just to list a few:


And so many more leading authorities.

So, why are High Quality Backlinks so important for SEO? PR and SEO are pretty much the same thing in different ways. Both are reaching out to get excellent targeted audiences and get recognition. The big difference, SEO is placing links within an article and using excellent research tools such as Google Analytics and AdWords. PR uses various media tools to find high quality publications to promote a product and deliver a content pitch.

If you want to get attention from Google that boosts your ranking, you need to get attention and gain trust by landing at the top of search engine rankings. That’s where High Quality Backlinks come into play by attracting audiences to your business in a natural way.

Unnatural links will very probably get you penalized by Google! Click To Tweet

We will provide you with Top permanent links from the Top authorities on the Internet. Our service is totally based on Google’s guidelines and updates. You will receive 100% White Hat & Manual Work. We will provide a profession natural blend of no and do follow backlinks coding that will make sure your links pass. You want to get good do follow backlinks from good sites with authority. Obviously, no follow links, used in the comment sections of sites, will not be crawled by search engines. That’s not to say they are no good, you can still receive quality traffic from these links as well.

You will also receive many contextual backlinks from EDU and GOV sites. We will make sure you receive more authority and rankings for your site, social media sites and even YouTube videos. You will also receive a lot of targeted traffic that is important to your site’s growth.

We will create web 2.0 profile backlinks only on sites that have a great deal of authority with Google. It’s imperative “what” sites are linking to your site, even from inner pages. In order to make this happen, we will develop different types of backlinks both no follow and do follow (as mentioned earlier) so everything will look natural.

You will provide us with excellent related content, so we can submit this information to your profile. The better the quality of content the higher the value will be in the eyes of Google.

Many customers have asked questions that we are going to respond here:

Are the backlinks going to be relevant to the sites posted on?

We have sites that are very general and not related to your niche. We will be submitting relevant content to your profile and your backlinks will be relevant on a page level.

Is These High Quality Backlinks Permanent?

Approximately 90% of our backlinks will be there always. You will also receive bonus backlinks so you will still have the minimum working backlinks promised.

How Long Will It Take to Complete My Project?

It will usually take between 7 and 10 days for us to complete your project.

What countries will these links be coming from?

The links we create will be 90% from the USA.

Are all the links do follow links?

You will get a natural blend of do follow and no follow links. You want all your links to look natural to Google, therefore you need different types of backlinks. No follow links will not pass Page Rank, but will still help in your ranking.

Are all the links anchored?

You will receive a natural blend of anchored and non-anchored backlinks. Since Panda updates, it’s imperative you have a lot of variety in your anchor text. You also want links with naked URLs and random words.

May I link to Non-English Sites?

You sure can! You will use keywords and data in your own language.

Does your program work with YouTube?

Yes, we have many people who link to YouTube and have received excellent results.

Can I place an order more than one time?

Yes, you may. Just keep in mind we will use the same sites, so it’s a good idea you link different parts of your sites with different keywords.

In A Nutshell:

Over the past few years Google is changing its guidelines. There was a time that anyone could grab links from various sites, sends out emails by the tons, gets another link coming back in and then get rewarded by Google. Over the past few years, Google has been slamming down on SEO tricks, overload of keywords, spamming emails or just about anything else to get higher rankings in an unnatural way. You need to have professional, quality backlinks to ensure Google is going to love you!

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